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Learn to cook heritage recipes live from home cooks with decades of experience in a small group class

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"A wonderful service that allows you to gain an aunty or uncle for an hour and get their best recipes and kitchen techniques"

Connect and cook with those who know it best

Zero cultural compromise, and no diluted dishes, learn to cook traditional dishes from home cooking experts. Every Diaspo teacher has been making these dishes for over 30 years, excited to share their steps, stories, and secrets with you.


Mumbai Street Food


Creole Cuisine


Italian / Libyan Food

How it works

Traditional Recipes

Cook along live, learning heritage and family famous recipes that have been passed down generations. You'll get your teacher's hands on support and guidance, making sure it comes out just like theirs

Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Learn the tips, tricks and techniques you can’t find in a cookbook. You'll get the tips from home cooks who are experts with over 30 years of experience. They've slowed down their whole process just to teach you.

Meaningful Connections

Connect with the older generation. Relatable home cooks with decades of experience, enabling them to preserve their cultural heritage and share their knowledge, experience, and skills.

It’s hands down the best thing we’ve discovered for keen cooks who love to try new dishes!

- Linnie, Diaspo Learner ​

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