How can I access the class?

All classes are on Zoom. It's free to use, but you may have to download the app beforehand. Sign up to your desired session and you will receive the session specific link

Will I receive the recipe and recording?

After every class, you'll receive the recipes and recordings so don't worry about taking notes, simply cook along and enjoy the experience! 

Can I still join if I don't have the ingredients?

Of course, cook along live or simply watch and enjoy. Take notes and we'd love to see a photo when you make it! We know how hard it is to get some of these ingredients at the moment.

I don't know where to get this particular ingredient, can you help?

Of course, simply email us (team@joindiaspo.com) or WhatsApp us (+447521192691), and we'll suggest where you can buy the ingredients, or suggest the best alternatives.

How long do the live sessions last?

Roughly 45 minutes to an hour, unless otherwise stated.

How many people do you have in a class?
The maximum people per class is 6. Each class is designed to focus on intimacy and interaction, so you can actually cook along with your teacher and ask them whatever questions, whenever.

I want to teach my recipes - how do I do this?
Amazing, please sign up as a teacher here. You have the opportunity to work on your passion for cooking, meet new people, share your knowledge and get paid for it! 

My mum/dad/grandma/granddad is an amazing cook, how can I get them involved?

We'd love to speak to them. Please get them to sign up as a teacher here, and we will be in touch asap

I'd love to do this as a team activity, how can I arrange this?

Simply email us at team@joindiaspo.com and we help organise a private cooking class for your team.

Any other questions, just email us on team@joindiaspo.com