Aicha's Preserved Lemons

Preserved lemons are an essential part of the Moroccan cuisine. You'll find them in every Moroccan kitchen and supermarket. They add super flavour to all dishes, used in almost every tajines and particularly for charmoula (marinade). It can also be used to pickle your own olives.


10 lemons

1 cup of salt

Juice from 4 lemons

A sterilised jar large enough to fit the lemons 


1. Remove the stems and cut off the tips of the lemons. Cut each lemon lengthwise into quarters, but be careful not to cut all the way through, about 3/4 of the way down is enough so that the quarters should still be attached at the base.

2. Pack the crevices with lots of salt, close the lemons and place them in the jar. They have to be packed tightly so that they won’t move in the jar. Compress the lemons as you add them to the jar to squeeze them in and release their juices. Add enough lemon juice to cover the lemons as well as a good sprinkling of salt. Cover the jar tightly and set aside in a cool, dark place.

3. Every 2-3 days re-open the jar and press on the lemons to release more juice. If you have room in the jar, add more lemons filled with salt. Do this for the first week until the jar is packed and full. Close and leave for 4 to 5 weeks.  You can continue to preserve them longer up to one year or more

4. Once opened, transfer the jar to the fridge, use in your tajine, olives, charmoula or others, and send us a photo!