Diaspo featured in the press

Here are some of the incredible places Diaspo has been featured:

Yippee Blog: 'Diaspo – Bringing my home to yours'

- Food journalist Terry wrote about her experience cooking along live with Diaspo, our mission, and also an interview with teacher Amrita

- Amrita said: "My recipes are unique to my famil' and not in any cookbook nor used in restaurants. When I came here 38 years ago, we used to correspond because telephone was very expensive. My mother used to write a letter on 2 sides of an aerogram and on the 3rd side, there would be a recipe or 2. I have still got them. I asked my sister (who is no longer with us) how she made things. I have her letters, which are very special. I am really grateful [to Diaspo] that I can bring these [family recipes] back.”

Camden New Journal: 'Eating In'

- Food journalist Tom Moggach spoke about finding solace online and joining one of our virtual cookery classes, learning from experts.

Atlas of the future: Project Diaspo

- The Atlas of the Future is a digital platform that brings together original/innovative future-focused projects with lasting positive impact. We celebrate people working with long-term vision for a better future, they picked to write about Diaspo as part of their AgeFutures topic.

- Have a read of the article to hear more about our mission

- "For aspiring chefs without a Caribbean friend on hand to reveal the secrets of the most authentic Creole cuisine or a Lebanese pal to explain how to cook the very best hummus, now there is Diaspo, an initiative to bring home the most delicious flavours from around the world."

Startacus' Startup of the week: Diaspo is a platform that is facilitating authentic cooking classes between different generations...

- Startacus is the go-to space for start-ups and entrepreneurs and selected Diaspo as their start-up of the week

- "Let’s face it - there is something quite special about family recipes that have been passed down from our parents or grandparents. Apart from the sharing of knowledge and tips, they can also evoke wonderful memories and of course help us to keep a link to our past open."

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