Diaspo featured in The Telegraph

Diaspo was featured in The Telegraph. Reporter Jack Rear joined Hajja to make Fried Plantain and Tomato Stew, a favourite from her native West Nigeria.

Jack also spoke to Diaspo teacher Kaukab about her experience of teaching on Diaspo: "I’ve never taught anyone before and thought it’d be a bit harrowing to be live on camera, but if you have a love for cooking and you want to share that, you should definitely go for it; it's great fun. At this time, it's particularly nice to be able to give a little."

Although Jack struggled to find Plantain, he replaced it with sweet potato and here's how his dish came out.

The Telegraph spoke about how Diaspo is an online platform encouraging older generations to share their much-loved recipes via live cookery classes.

Read more about Jack's experience of cooking along, his interview with teacher Kaukab and more on the mission behind Diaspo here.

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