Introducing the Diaspo Teacher Playlist

Music and food are inherently interlinked, two integral parts of culture. We asked our teachers what songs they love to listen to when they are cooking. As we all know, picking one song is never easy. After much deliberation, they've come together to produce an eclectic and vibrant playlist just for you...

If they really couldn't pick, some teachers selected two songs: Aicha:

"I picked Aicha by Khaled, you know why haha. Also I have to pick Marsoul al Hob, because my parents used to love this song. In their time, it was sung by the original singer. Marsoul al Hob means the love courier (Cupid) and it is loved by every Moroccan young or old. This is the modern version, it is amazing and gets you to dance.


"I chose Zouk-la by Kassav, I grew up listening to this song from one of the most famous bands in my island, Martinique"


"Too many to choose but I picked Nunca Es Suffciente because it's fiesta music! Mexicans take the fiesta everywhere they go"


"Malaika has a special place in my heart, and all East African's. It's a song we grew up listening to"


"When I learnt to cook my dad said, if you're not going to cook with passion then don't cook. He said go into the kitchen, shut the door and put your music on. I'm also a radio DJ so if I'm not cooking, I'm playing music. These songs make me cook with passion:

From the Italian side: Anche per te - Lucio Battisti From the Libyan side: ناصر المزداوي : عني و لا عن حالي"


"I've loved Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar by Rafi from Hum Dono since I was a kid. I think it's the BEST song, it's a huge family favourite amongst all my cousins, all of my generation. Anyone who grew up in India will recognise it immediately. Very often I play it when I'm cooking. The composition and the way he sung it is so beautiful. There is lots of singing training, classical and non-classical, going on in India at the moment, lots of singing competitions, but very few people will attempt this song. They almost always fall flat on their faces, you just can't sing this, it's such a gorgeous composition. Just the way he sung it...perfection"

We'll be adding to the playlist so click here to follow and stay up to date with these classics.

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